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Studio Showing – Elena Fokina

with BODHI PROJECT Dance Company “Fly me to the moon“

  • 45 minutes
  • free admission
  • Stoißberg


Studio Showing [work in progress] Fly Me To The Moon focuses on celebrating the endless abilities of the human body and soul. This piece is inspired by Stanislav Lem’s fictional work that explores philosophical themes through speculation on technology, the nature of intelligence, alien life and humanity’s place in the universe. The choreographer Elena Fokina constructs a clear and unique choreographic language achieving a visual and emotional aerodynamic state of the dancers and the audience. Fly Me To The Moon takes the audience on a journey into a new terrain filled with positive reclamation of our human potential as we meet the alien in ourselves. Elena Fokina is a dancer, actress, choreographer and teacher with 20 years of experience in contemporary art. She worked with directors such as Wim Vandekeybus, Sasha Waltz, Mats Ek and in various companies and theaters, including the Swedish Royal Opera. BODHI PROJECT is a showcase for new choreographic voices on the international contemporary dance scene and consistently reinvents itself through its broad artistic range. It is considered one of the most profiled contemporary companies for young dancers in Europe which focuses on the avantgarde.

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